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AFTAL GROUP company is the modern version of old business. It is committed to doing all commercial and industrial activities. It intends to apply modern development standards and be committed to them. We are aware that our business partners play an important role in our joint success.

We believe in the development of mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners on the basis of trust and respect. The principles, criteria and objectives of AFTAL GROUP company are fundamental for its success. In addition, we believe that working practices and behaviors of the company are important for the success of the business because they are based on work management and they comply with all the applicable laws and regulations in the countries in which the company runs its business.

We also seek to have a positive impact on the lives of our partners.

Our partners are expected to:

- Be Commited to the agreements included in the work according to an integrated management system and according to the laws.

- Communicate continuously in order to implement the agreements.

- Permanent pursuit of developing joint work.



Making scientific ideas become reality.


Improving the means of communication


Enhancement and sustainability of Internet presence.

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